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Shelter Design

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Many options for enclosed shelters are available. Shelters can range from an entrance canopy at a building entrance to a free standing class room or youth shelter. Designing a perfect shelter to meet your needs and to be aesthetically pleasing is a key part of the process. Shelter designs will vary depending upon many factors including existing buildings, building regulations and ordinances, use of the structure and personal preference.

Since design is such an important consideration when choosing a shelter, it is important to select a company with multiple options and top design experts. Many companies claim to be innovative in the manufacturing of shelters, but Garrick Engineering Shelters provides a one of a kind experience. The expert design team at Garrick will not only help you complete your vision, they will provide a 3D rending of how the actual structure will look in the space. This will eliminate the errors that can occur with miscommunication or just having a wrong concept of how a structure will look. The 3D rendering is also a useful tool to show board and committee member how the completed project will appear.

Garrick Engineering Shelters can offer an endless array of possibilities for your structure. Clients can choose from standard designs and custom the structure by choosing from over 184 colours. Clients who want something truly unique can also design their own bespoke structure from scratch. Amenities such as lighting, gutters, drains, locking doors and real time information boards can be added to make the shelter not only beautiful but functional as well. The experts at Garrick will help create a shelter that will stand as a landmark for years to come. This will also allow for the shelter to become a part of the area fitting in with the aesthetic seamlessly.

Not only can you rest assured that the details of the design will be a priority, you will not have to worry about the shelter deteriorating. Garrick Engineering Shelters uses only top grade extruded aluminium and all components of the shelter are coated with a high grade PET to decrease scratching and vandalism. The install team will perform the project with little or no disruption and a full clean up of the area will be performed upon completion. And of course, all Garrick Engineering Shelters come with a standard ten year warranty.

Call the experts at Garrick Engineering Shelters today to get your shelter project started. The excellent customer service team can answer all inquiries including helping to locate any available government funding.


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